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Email Marketing

Nurturing Your Patients To Treatment Acceptance

Every Dentist has been there, comprehensive treatment plans that take hours of your time only to sit on the shelves and collect dust. The patient is not heard from and there aren't enough hours in the day for the staff members to follow up. Your Treatment Conversion Rate is the proportion of patients who accept treatment. If it's 50% or lower this suggests that your current system is not working properly. Oftentimes a 5 or 10 minute chairside explanation is not enough. And many dentists don't want to be pushy in their approach so patients tend to make the decision to do nothing.

What if you could nurture that patient with a series of customized email messages? And by using the proper trigger points you move that patient to accept the treatment plan. This is a great way to build revenue in your practice.

Newsletters For Your Current Patients

You have a captive audience as a Dental Professional why not keep your patients up to date with oral health issues. Any type of communication like a newsletter will encourage patients to get to know what you do (procedures) and the importance of dental health as it relates to their overall health.

For The Specialists

Your referrals are a major source of new patients to your practice. Staying top of mind with the local dentists can be done through email marketing. Again a newsletter type format might work well here, but the key is communicating on a consistent basis.

Of course there are other areas you can use email marketing automation, for instance patients that you have not seen in over a year could use a little push to get them back for a cleaning or patients that fill out a contact form on the website. Sometimes it is just about being top of mind for the patient and email marketing does that. The beauty of it all is that it's tracked and measured. So we know who opened the email and who downloaded some educational information. This makes it easy for the dental team to follow up from there.

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