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Website Design


Your greatest business asset is your audience. It's the universe of people who are paying attention to what you have to offer. They want interesting things to read, listen to or watch. They want something that makes them look smarter for sharing it. And they want to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

We begin with a simple strategy of making sure your website and mobile site are designed to attract visitors and convert them into leads. To win the hearts of consumers your website should have fantastic content, videos, graphics, calls to action and more. Responsive design ensures your visitors get the best experience no matter the device they are using. When we discuss your dental practice goals together we start with:

- Is it clear in the content of your website of what makes your practice better than your competition?

- Would your target audience consider you an expert in the field of (name a procedure here like restoring dental implants)?

- What are your current patients saying about the practice?

It is critical that you understand your searcher's intent and satisfy their intent with your website content. For instance the millennials like to view videos while the baby boomers may prefer reading your blog and social media updates. And speaking of blogging, you can expect 55% more visitors to your website if you have a blog versus not having a blog...pretty compelling data.

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