Improve Case-Acceptance Rates

Case AcceptanceEducating your patients on the treatments they need is not an easy task. Many dentists are focused on presenting the required information and move on to the next patient. That's why it's particularly important to present the information in a variety of formats, and to make sure it's accessible to the patient after the consultation. Improving treatment acceptance rates takes the insight of knowing how your patients learn, retain and make decisions. An estimated 65% of the population are thought to be visual learners - people who retain information by seeing pictures and videos rather than reading text or hearing information delivered orally. 40-80% of medical information is forgotten immediately after consult. Spoken Animations allow the dentist to use diagrams and illustrations while verbally explaining a procedure. Our 3 Step Program will improve your case acceptance rates right away. We use a mix of content that appeals to all types of learners and is available online and offline to your patients. In addition, 70% of patients feel that a follow-up email after a consultation is extremely important, yet many dental offices glance over this detail.

One Stop Shopping for Online Dental Content

Providing one stop online content is the other ingredient for improving case acceptance rates. When a patient searches your website for dental information during their exploration phase you need to cover all areas including text, procedure videos, e-books, reviews and FAQ's. Todays patients want to educate themselves on their terms and when they want the information. If you are deficient in one of the content areas you risk losing that consumer to another dental office that has the information they are seeking. Our turnkey system covers both online and in-office patient education materials.

22 Ad Group Deliverables

  • Create patient education materials for all types of learning styles with a focus on visual learners
  • Provide one stop online content to keep patients focused on your dental practice
  • Implement a series of follow up emails for post consultation patients
  • Send newsletters to patients to remind them of your services and expertise

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