Start Building Relationships With Patients...

Before They Get To Your Chair

Are you losing opportunities to engage patient's with sleep disorders on your website?

What method are you using to get these potential patients to call your office or fill out a lead form on your website?

What if you could engage these visitors to your website by asking some simple questions about their sleep disorder so you get to know them a bit.

Using the newest methods of digital technology combined with micro learning we can help you nurture a relationship with prospective patients...before they get to your chair. And further increase the number of prospective patients to take action and book an appointment with your practice.

How Do We Do It?

  • We engage the consumer by asking questions about their sleep issues
  • We do it through quizzes, surveys or assessments
  • We follow up with an email nurture system that informs and educates

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Learn more about how to nurture a patient's decision journey to guide them to your chair.

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